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Band promotion to the next level with Rotop Media

How can you assure that a band or performer gets the attention it deserves, in a time when on youtube alone 80.000 hours of video material is uploaded EACH DAY and people out-voice each other using social media? Using a correct media strategy, any band can define itself and stand out from the rest. Rotop Media helps you do this.

Rotop Media was founded in 2013 and has set its goal to make high quality video productions that excel both visually and content-wise. Founders Dominic Soete and Kristiaan Asscheman both have years of experience in video and music journalism.

We offer:

* creating unique concepts
* correctly packaging commercial content
* reaching out through social media
* using multiple cameras, in broadcast quality
* high-end audio recording, for registering live shows as well as interviews



One of our flagships is EverydaysWeekend. This independent format show focusses on producing opinionated video reports about musicians. This concept synergizes great live recordings with in-depth interviews to give an ever more demanding audience what it expects in this age of social media. This is just one example of the many things we are capable of.

Our products:

* unique video footage for presskits
* tour videos and ‘The making of’
* back groundstories
* live registration


Our productions not only keep a band or artist in the picture, it also leads to timeless documents fans will appreciate for years to come.

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About the founders:

Dominic Soete

Dominic Soete: has worked for, among others, ANP Video, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishing, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, local TV stations and FaceCulture.



Kristiaan Asscheman

Kristiaan Asscheman: has worked for, among others,, BBC, FaceCulture, Westmedia and also produces music videos for several bands.